Automatic sandblasting

Sandblasting with turbines

Automatic blasting installations with turbines

Turbine sandblasting installations have the highest productivity in the range of surface cleaning procedures. That is why they are used with great efficiency in large series of semi-finished products or finished parts.

Thanks to the experience and flexibility of the design teams of our partners, the installations are delivered in various standard or customized configurations to the clients’ requirements.




Sandblasting installations can be of several types, as follows:

Drum installations


Installation with drum and rubber or metal strip, for small and medium parts

Hook installations

PG10x15-2TR - Copia

Hook installation for suspended parts, for all parts sizes

Tunnel type installations

Orizontal 2000x1200_4

Tunnel installation with continuous flow rollers for sheets, profiles, metal structures

Metal strip installations

STL-A-850-8TR-STD 4

Tunnel installation with wire mesh or rubber band for more sensitive parts (type Al). They have a very high productivity working in continuous flow

Wire installations

Instalatii de sablare pentru sarma

Continuous flow tunnel type installation for wire, bars, rectangular pipes. Installations that can reach very high speeds up to 200 m / min

Pipe installations


Continuous flow tunnel type installation for round pipes, long round parts, cylinders. The parts are driven by biconical rollers.

Special installations


Special installations for atypical parts, for theme applications

THM continuous tape installations


Special installations for atypical parts, for theme applications

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