COV capture solutions

Industrial air filtration

Our company wants to be your solution for air filtration problems in various fields of activity, fields including: metallurgical industry, mechanical processing, wood processing, welding, automotive industry, cement industry, chemical and food industry, painters, etc.

The solutions we propose for capturing VOCs fall into two categories:

  • RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer)
  • Activated carbon filtration

RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer)

RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) is a system with 2 or 3 oxidation chambers for the elimination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) resulting from the use of solvent-based products (eg paints, adhesives) in industry. In addition, a very efficient recovery (approx. 96%) of the heat emitted after the oxidation of VOCs is achieved, thus reducing the factory costs of our customers.


Activated carbon filtration

Activated carbon filtration is applied in all industrial processes where it is necessary to retain and remove C.O.V. or odors with a low concentration: paint lines, chemical industry, food industry, etc.

The solvent contained in the air to be cleaned is condensed by capillarity and retained by the activated carbon. This absorption phenomenon is directly proportional to the surface of activated carbon and is influenced by several factors: the concentration of C.O.V. which must be retained, humidity, temperature, speed of entry on the surface of activated carbon, contact time and size of activated carbon particles.

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