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Our suppliers are companies with a history of over 50 years of experience

COGEIM EUROPE was established in 1970 and is currently a reference and leading company in the industrial sector of surface treatment by designing and manufacturing shot blasting, shot peening and sandblasting installations for standard or special customised applications.

Our machineries are thoroughly manufactured in our facilities assuring an undoubtedly much higher quality of installations than the products offered by the market. This means an added value for our customers owing to less maintenance, greater solidity and sturdiness of structures as well as high productivity over time.

Walther Trowal was founded in 1931 and is a specialist in surface technology. We have been an innovative leader in the mass finishing marketplace inventing a majority of the mass finishing equipment being used today. We have customers around the world from almost every sector of industry. We support them in areas like surface annealing, mass finishing, small parts coating, blasting, process water, automation and networking, workpiece cleaning and drying. Our durable, high-quality products are just one of the ingredients for our success. Ever since our foundation, we have also created modular, customized solutions that are tailored precisely to your needs and wishes, and are constantly at the cutting edge of technology.

FerroČrtalič is a family company with 55 years of tradition. We are developing solutions and producing machinery for surface treatment technologies under registered trademark FerroECOBlast Europe. We are located in the heart of Europe in the territory with the most innovative technical knowledge. For more than 5 decades we have been trusted by respectful domestic and foreign companies. We provide the best possible surface treatment solutions for our customers worldwide. Constant improvements, research and innovations are added value for us and our clients. The primary aim of our company is to advise, present the latest technology solutions and produce (manufacture) equipment for surface treatment.

We offer machines and services with high value retention. In doing so, we ensure process reliability and efficiency for customers all over the world. Our machines and systems form this foundation. To successfully handle tomorrow’s challenges, we are positioned to meet the demands of the future. Yet we also remain true to our origins: precision is our promise.

For decades, we have been the market and technology leader for precision levelers. Innovative deburring technology expands our industrial expertise.

ARKU – Your partner for leveling and deburring. Discover what distinguishes us!

Since it was founded in 1976, UNION has become recognised as a market leader in dry cleaning and metal cleaning equipment technology and has become an industry bench mark by which all other manufacturer’s machines are judged.The Union Metal Cleaning Division, founded in 2001, has a dedicated team of managers, creative designers, engineers and production staff working together as a fully integrated team to produce state of the art products. All of this is supported by an independent sales and distributor network offering Union machines around the world.

We of PantaTec deal with the aspect that can interfere with and detrimentally influence the blasting process from the very beginning: contamination of the blasting process due to oils and greases. A patent for our method has been applied for.

And this is how it works: With the PantaTec method , the simple admixture of an additive separates disturbing oils and greases from metal surfaces binds then and in this way removes them from the process. This even greasy metal surfaces can be blasted without problem and can even be coated directly.

Airprotech is a leading company for turnkey supply of air protection and environmental technologies for air pollution control, complete systems for cleaning of polluted process gases and reduce the impact of industrial emissions on the environment.  Since 1995 airprotech is active globally with a wide range of solutions and products for the control of industrial emissions including VOC volatile organic compounds, VIC volatile inorganic compounds, aerosols, mists, solvents, odors, hydrocarbons and particles.

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