Turbine or compressed air blasting technology is used to prepare the workpiece surface for subsequent processes. We offer solutions for any application.

Trust requires time and experience. VIBROBLAST develops unique standards in providing customized surface treatment solutions using sandblasting equipment.

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What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the process of cleaning or finishing by abrasive blowing the surfaces of metal, stone, glass or other solid material. This is done with the help of metal pliers, electrocorundum or other granular abrasive materials that are propelled at speed by mechanical centrifugation or with the help of a jet of gas (compressed air) or liquid (water under pressure) to the surfaces to be processed.

Sandblasting is used when, in order to paint, it is necessary to clean complex metal surfaces that do not allow the use of other methods. It is performed indoors due to the high degree of danger posed by the jet of compressed air and sand at very high speeds. Sandblasting is used in the metallurgical industry, shipyards and generally wherever it is necessary to quickly clean surfaces.

Sandblasting phenomena can also be observed in nature in the form of wind erosion of the soil, or of some forms of relief.

The first patent for blasting was issued in 1870, in England, under the name of Benjamin Chew Tilghman – originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA – under registration number 2147 / 18.10.1870. On November 3, 1870, Tilghman obtained patent number 2900, which covers the operating principles for blasting installations with centrifugal mechanical throwers (turbines).

The selection of the blasting equipment is made according to the type of part and the quality of the desired surface.

Different blasting materials are used in the blasting process to obtain the desired final quality.

Sandblasting techniques

You can choose from the following air blasting techniques:

  • Automatic sandblasting with turbines
  • Compressed air blasting
  • Sandblasting with water

Air blasting can be of two types:

  • Injector type blasting, where the blasting materials are accelerated in the blasting gun
  • Pressure blasting, where compressed air and abrasive media are mixed inside the blasting generator (pressure vessel) before being accelerated in the blasting gun

Both techniques can also be used in dust-free air blasting, where blasting media are collected immediately after hitting the surface, preventing the release of dust or materials into the atmosphere or open space. In special circumstances, where the surface is very sensitive, wet sandblasting or caustic soda is applied. This type of application can often be replaced with a technique similar to ice / snow.


  • user friendly
  • non-chemical process
  • ecologically oriented products that allow the recycling of materials
  • widely used in almost every industry

What is sandblasting used for?

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