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We offer technical support with customized surface treatment solutions, starting from the individual requirements of each client, whether the parts are metal milled, turned, cast, forged, metal fabrications and constructions or even wooden parts.


Vibroblast is a young team but with a very long experience in the field of surface treatment technologies.

We want to offer optimal and complete technical solutions for our clients.
The range of products offered contains both automatic (with turbines) and manual (with compressed air) blasting installations plus spare parts and consumables related to blasting (metal and stainless steel, glass beads, ceramic and plastic, white corundum and brown, walnut shells, etc.), vibro-finishing installations and consumables, industrial washing installations and more.

The service team provides both preventive and emergency installation and service.

For consulting, do not hesitate to contact us

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Sandblasting is used in many fields of metal processing for the preparation or cleaning of surfaces, before or after other operations. We have solutions for any type of application.


Shot Peening is a process used especially in the aircraft and car manufacturing industries, but also in other fields. We offer solutions adapted to the highest requirements.


Vibrofinishing is the process of processing surfaces by vibrating movements used for deburring, polishing, or rounding edges for different geometries or materials.


We offer different solutions for filtering dust or other particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from any type of industry. All installations are customized according to the customer’s profile.


Deburring and straightening of sheet metal: We offer special equipment for straightening sheet metal and deburring parts after laser or plasma cutting.


For industrial washing, special equipment is needed that uses strong water jets for a strong and efficient cleaning. We also offer solvent washing equipment.


We offer manual painting solutions in painting rooms, but also automatic painting systems for any part geometry. We have solutions adapted to any application or any type of part regardless of the type of material.


Why WORK with us ?

We rely so much on
our experience, but also that of our external partners, companies
founded over 50 years ago, which exports worldwide

Qualified team

We have a qualified team that has extensive knowledge in the field.

Last generation technologies

We provide you with the latest surface treatment technologies.

Quality services

Quality is one of the cornerstones of our company, which is why we value it so much.


We treat each client and his needs with the utmost seriousness, offering the promised services.


We offer consulting to all our clients in order to offer them services that perfectly fit their needs.

Service & Support

For any kind of problem we provide service & support services.

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