Shot Peening

SHOT PEENING technology guarantees increased resistance to “stress” by up to 80% and a lifespan of up to 100%. Reduces the risk of corrosion and prolongs life. All SHOT PEENING equipment is built according to AMS2430, AMS2432 and complies with NADCAP. Upon request, the cars can be built to order according to the specifications of our customers, depending on the part that will be processed.

We offer high-tech solutions and exceptionally perfected equipment, used in the most demanding parts of the aeronautical, automotive and other industries.

SHOT PEENING technology offered by VIBROBLAST

extends component life by up to 100%


Shot Peening is a special sandblasting process, in which the surface of a piece is bombarded by alice. Each alica that strikes the metal acts as a plastic deformation, which introduces a negative tension into the surface of the part. During use, the tension that appears on the surface of the part, overlaps with the existing one resulting in a minimum wear of the part.


SHOT PEENING advantages

  • adds more value to your high-tech product and increases their lifespan
  • improves the tensile stress after the processes of processing and heat treatment in aircraft repairs
  • the process is completely reproducible, accurate and under total control

Where is SHOT PEENING used?

Spen Peening is often required in aircraft repairs to improve the tensile stresses accumulated after the processing and heat treatment processes and replaces them with beneficial compression stresses. The residual compressive stress in the metal alloy is produced by the transfer of kinetic energy.
This process must be complete:

The aerospace industry is one of the critical sectors and always respects high standards and only specialized companies such as can meet these high requirements. It is mainly used to improve the mechanical properties of components that are subject to constant stress. It is known that cracks will not initiate or propagate in an area with compressive stress. Because almost all fatigue and tension corrosion defects originate at or near the surface of a part, the compression stresses induced by Shot Peening ensure significant increases in the life of the machine part. The size of the residual compression stress produced by Shot Peening has at least half the strength as the traction of the material being peened.

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