Compressed air blasting

Compressed air blasting installations

Compressed air blasting installations due to the specific mode of operation have a great flexibility, being found in simple or very complex configurations.

The abrasive particles are designed with the help of compressed air through special nozzles and work on the injector or pressure principle together with a special pressure equipment.


Advantages - can be sanded:


The range of installations is composed of the following types:

Ecological sandblasting installation


Ecological sandblasting installation with baking soda for non-abrasive, non-destructive cleaning. for high precision parts.

Sandblasting cabinet


Automated or manual sandblasting cabinets for smaller parts

Mobile sandblasting installations


Mobile sandblasting equipment used where the sandblasting body cannot move

Blasting installations for inside the pipes


Blasting installations for inside the pipes are complete systems for ecological blasting.

Sandblasting chambers


There are sandblasting installations used for large and very large parts: oversized parts, complex metal structures, railway wagons, etc.

Wet sandblasting


Wet sandblasting machines use abrasive media and water to obtain a very smooth and fine surface finishing effect.

Sandblasting with robotic arm


The blasting machine with robotic arm is designed and manufactured for professional use.

Sandblasting 3D printed parts


Sandblasting plant for additive manufacturing or 3D printer parts

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