Deburring and metal leveling


to remove sharp edges

Whether it is casting, punching, cutting or processing, practically every modeling process leads to burrs that can vary greatly in shape. These burrs can be difficult to remove, especially on angled parts.

You can remove the badges from the part using the appropriate equipment. Depending on the type of part and the size of the burr, we can offer you the right solution.

Automatic deburring machines

EdgeBreaker® 1000


The EdgeBreaker® 1000 is ideal for small parts. It deburrs and edge rounds single-sided, while also being able to provide the material with the desired finish.

EdgeBreaker® 2000


High quantities but still flexible for different edge requirements: the quick change of the brushes allows for individual deburring or rounding on each side. The machine is ideal for your processing needs and operates double-sided.

EdgeBreaker® 3000


Especially when cutting with a fiber laser, the EdgeBreaker® 3000 is able to remove the hard-adhering burrs and splatters while also providing a high quality edge rounding result. This machine allows you to both deburr and edge round, double-sided in just one pass.

EdgeBreaker® 4000


Flexibility is the key to the EdgeBreaker® 4000: After the burrs and slag caused by flame cutting have been removed via the grinding drum, you can simply choose between double-sided deburring or edge rounding. Specifically catered towards your optimal single pass deburring and edge rounding results.

EdgeBreaker® 5000


The EdgeBreaker® 5000 is built tough – this is necessary when it needs to easily remove slag caused by flame cutting.

EdgeBreaker® 6000


This universal deburring machine, deburrs and edge rounds small and large materials. On top of that, it also provides a surface finish, The EdgeBreaker® 6000 impresses with a very even edge rounding result. If necessary up to a 2 mm radius.


The EdgeRacer® procceses thin parts, even three dimensional or deformed parts, double-sided in just one single pass. This makes the machine particularly economcial for medium to high quantities in industrial sheet metal processing.

Deburring small parts

Small plasma and flame cut parts go into the drum. It is the ideal solution for deburring small parts. Whether as a stand-alone machine or as a supplemental process to the efficient EdgeBreaker® series, it is the ideal solution for small parts.

Nivelatoare cu role


The EcoMaster® parts leveler is distinguished by delivering outstanding results, easy operation and a maintenance friendly design. Even thin metal sheets and parts from 0.1 mm to 5 mm (0.005″ to 0.200″) thick are no problem at all for our EcoMaster® precision leveler.


The FlatMaster® produces flat stamped, laser-cut and plasma-cut parts almost entirely free of internal stresses in a matter of seconds. With thicknesses from 0.6 to 60 mm (0.20″ to 2.40″). Even with high-strength parts and sheets with cut-outs.


Processing large sheet metal parts and thick metal plates are jobs for the PlateMaster®. Specifically developed for rough sheet metal processing, the system is even capable of handling rusted and soiled plates as well as armor plates (AHSS).


Faster and more precise measuring with the FlatJack® – our automatic flatness control system fitted directly onto the leveler. Your system for efficient and user-independent flatness testing.

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