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We want to offer you optimal and complete technical solutions for solving our clients' problems.

Vibroblast is a team of professionals with extensive and long experience in the field of surface finishes.

We want to offer optimal and complete technical solutions for our clients’ problems.
The range of products offered contains both self-tapping (with turbines) and manual (with compressed air) blasting installations plus spare parts and consumables related to sandblasting (metal and stainless steel pliers, glass, ceramic and plastic beads, white corundum and brown, walnut shells,…), vibro-finishing installations and consumables, industrial washing installations and not only.

Spare parts

We offer spare parts for any type of blasting installation with turbines and compressed air.


Our service team provides installation and preventive or emergency service.

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We want to offer optimal and customized solutions for each client

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What we offer our customers

Any VIBROBLAST project
involves taking the following steps


Ideas &

detailed idea & testing of the solution


Research & Development

equipment research & development

production & assembly

production & assembly of equipment

installation & training

installation & training at the client’s premises

after sales activities

after sales activities in collaboration with the client

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Our suppliers are companies with a history of over 50 years of experience

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